Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reduced-fee registration receipt deadline: Saturday 28th February

Hopefully everyone has mailed in their registrations, right?

It'll cost you a bit more if they show up in the Post Office box up in
Albany after Saturday.

Thanks for helping us out.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Finalize Fest hotel reservations soon

As you know, the Best Western sets aside a block of hotel rooms for us for the Fest. As the Fest approaches, the Best Western can take any unsold rooms that were set aside for the Fest and then allow other people or groups -- not associated with the Fest -- to reserve them.

So, if you're planning to join us and haven't made your hotel reservations yet, consider doing so in the next few days.

Call the hotel directly at +1 215 368 3800 to reserve your room. The hotel also has its own inbound toll-free number, 1 (800) 277-3615, that can save you the toll charge.

You can't use the website booking functionality because the special SWL Fest rate ($85) is not available there.

See you all in less than three (egad) weeks

2009 Forums -- Winter SWL Fest

Friday, March 13th

0900 – World Christian Broadcasters--Madagascar Project (Paul Ladd)

1030 – The Future of Radio in Our Lives (Rob de Santos)

1330 – The History of UK Land-Based Pirate Radio (Andy Walker)

1500 – The Annual Pirate Forum (George Zeller)

1630 -- Loop Antennas (Greg Majewski)

2000 – Listening Lounge (David Goren)

Saturday, March 14th

0900 –Free Satellite Radio (Tracy Wood)

1030 – The Annual Scanner Forum (Tom Swisher)

1330 – Internet Radio Update (Dan Srebnick)

1500 – Radio Shacks of the Stars of the Fest—i.e.: You! (Tim Lemmon) the usual add-ons such as the Radio Listening Room, Swap Meet, Silent Auction, and Saturday Banquet!