Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Prizes...we'll have prizes

The annual Fest raffle will feature the following items to entice you to buy tickets:


Palstar R30CC

Ten-Tec RX320D

Eton E1XM (two of ‘em!)

Eton E5

Icom R3

Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Internet Radio

Squeezebox Network Music Player

Sangean HDR-1 HD Radio

Winradio G303e

Kaito KA-1121

Kaito KA-2100

GE Superadio III

Kaito KA-11

Freeplay Plus


2007 Passport to World Band Radio (3 copies)

2007 WRTH (5 copies)

2007 Super Frequency List on CD-ROM


Skywire Dipole

Flextenna HVU

Select-A-Tenna Model M

Twin Coil Ferrite AQM Antenna

Kaito KA-31 SW Amplified Loop Antenna

Kaito KA-33 SW/MW Amplified Loop Antenna

Assorted listening accessories: including a Digital FM Transmitter

Friday, February 23, 2007

Reminder: Discounted registration fees end 28 February

If we receive your registration after February 28th or on-site, it's priced higher.

Please send in your registration today or tomorrow if you know you'll be coming. That way you'll have a few more $$ remaining in your pocket for raffle tickets...

Co-Festmeister Cuff

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Updated Fest Forum Schedule

2007 SWL Winterfest Activity Schedule, updated 2/6/07 and subject to change

All times EST. All forums 60 min. unless otherwise indicated. Registration, Raffle Ticket Desk and Exhibit Room hours to be announced. Exhibits/Demos/Club Tables to be announced. Raffle Prize List to be announced.

Thursday, March 8

0900 - Registration Table Opens*/Exhibit Room Opens
1030 - Satellite Broadcast DXing (incl. antenna issues)/ Tracy Wood
1130-1330 - Lunch on your own
1330 - GPS—A New Radio Hobby? / Skip Arey
1500 - Zenith’s Mexican Connection--Cespedes Marin / Harold Cones
1630 - A Survey of Radio Control Software / Tim Lemmon
1730 - Dinner on your own
1930 - Thursday Swap Meet Opens

Friday, March 9

0800 - Registration Table Opens*/Exhibit Room Opens
0900 - Radio on the Road / Janice Laws & Steve Karlock
1030 - Digital Radio Forum/Rob de Santos & Daniel Srebnick
1130-1330 - Lunch on your own
1330 - DXing Worldwide / Dan Henderson
1500 - The Year in Pirate Radio / George Zeller
1630 - The Listening Lounge Daytime Edition / David Goren & Myke Wyskopf
1730 - Dinner on your own
1800 - Vintage Radio Collection Tour (location to be announced)
1930 - Friday Swap Meet Opens
2100 - The Listening Lounge Evening Edition / David Goren & Myke Wyskopf (as late as it goes)

Saturday, March 10

0800 - Registration Table Opens/Exhibit Room Opens
0900 - Faith and Shortwave / Allen Graham
1000 - Silent Auction Opens
1030 - Scanning with The Scum / Tom Swisher & Skip Arey
1200 - Salad & Pizza Lunch
1240 - Remarks by Allan Loudell, Anchor/Reporter, WDEL
1315 - 1988-2007 Receiver Market Review / Alan Johnson & George Zeller
1430 - Broadcasters’ Forum / Ian McFarland (90 min.)
1600 - Exhibit Room Closes
1615 - Silent Auction Closes
1630 - Time Reserved for Club Meetings, etc.
1800 - Cash Bar
1900 - Banquet (After Dinner Remarks by Jacques Bouliane of RCI/DRM)
2130 - The Grande Raffle
2400 - The Voice of Pancho Villa

Monday, February 5, 2007

Swap Meet - Thurs & Fri

We will be holding informal, unstructured "swap meets" in the main banquet room ("Stockholm Room" to those familiar with the Fest) both Thursday and Friday evenings.

Hours aren't yet finalized.

Mike Wolfson has a bunch of items he is considering bringing if there's interest.

Best way to see what people are selling (or buying) is to join the SWLFEST e-mail list; click on the live link or see the link in the left sidebar.