Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Prizes...we'll have prizes

The annual Fest raffle will feature the following items to entice you to buy tickets:


Palstar R30CC

Ten-Tec RX320D

Eton E1XM (two of ‘em!)

Eton E5

Icom R3

Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Internet Radio

Squeezebox Network Music Player

Sangean HDR-1 HD Radio

Winradio G303e

Kaito KA-1121

Kaito KA-2100

GE Superadio III

Kaito KA-11

Freeplay Plus


2007 Passport to World Band Radio (3 copies)

2007 WRTH (5 copies)

2007 Super Frequency List on CD-ROM


Skywire Dipole

Flextenna HVU

Select-A-Tenna Model M

Twin Coil Ferrite AQM Antenna

Kaito KA-31 SW Amplified Loop Antenna

Kaito KA-33 SW/MW Amplified Loop Antenna

Assorted listening accessories: including a Digital FM Transmitter

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